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Officers & Committees

Humboldt Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Articles of Incorporation of Humboldt Chamber of Commerce Inc.
Article III, Section (1) states our objects and purposes as:“To encourage and develop commerce and industry and to promote the economic well being of the citizens of the Humboldt, Kansas area.”

The Humboldt Chamber of Commerce elects three new board members each year to serve a three year term. Listed below are the current board members and the year their term expires:

2018       Kay Lewis

2018       Janie Works

2018       Terryl Mueller

2019       Cole Herder

2019       Kevin Heisler

2019       Rachel Green

2020       Alicia Sterling

2020       Karla Williamson

2020       Chris Bauer


Officers:                Chris Bauer, President

                              Terryl Mueller, Vice-President

                               Michelle Umholtz, Secretary

                               Helen Harrington, Treasurer

                               Laci Sicka, Website


Member Relations: In charge of a yearly membership drive, organizing Chamber social events, a yearly business directory of Chamber Members, and ribbon cuttings and other recognition of local businesses as needed.
Chair: Helen Harrington
1. Note list of members and prospects.
2. Ribbon cutting for new businesses.

Community in Action (CIA): A group of Humboldt citizens and businessmen who are actively involved in the “extras” of the community. The committee works on projects that can make Humboldt a better place to work and live.
Members: Humboldt businesspersons

Tourism/Marketing/Public Relations Committee: This committee will focus on marketing our city to others through tourism-based publications. They will cooperate with local organizations involved in activities that promote tourism in Humboldt, and will make available promotional items for meetings, conventions, etc. that occur in Humboldt.
Chair: Eileen Robertson
1. Postcards
2. Other reports

Internet Presence: Oversee development and maintenance a website for the Humboldt Chamber of Commerce.
Members: Laci Sicka & Chris Bauer

Biblesta Committee: Responsible for placing Chamber members on the Committee and keeping Chamber informed of Biblesta Committee activities.
Chair: Larry Barnett

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